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It works. In an odd, modern art sort of way. Blue/Leaf/Tomato Gen1 gal. 30kt. 

Oh goodness!! Can I buy this gal!>!?

Sure. Just send a crossroads to Dyfri.

Storm/Sunshine/Goldenrod! Gen1 boy. He’s 100kt. 

Anonymous asked
Did you ever finish that dragon giveaway you posted about a week or so ago? ;o;

Not yet, and I’m sorry for that! I’ve been sick for about a week and so I’m playing catchup with homework and a friend of mine came into town this weekend and so I spent time with my friends and mostly I’ve just been busy, but unlike in other cases, I haven’t forgotten about it! It’s in my plans! 

Mulberry/Midnight/Green boy! Gen1 of course. He’s 80kt. A perfect halloween dragon. Got that ‘Witchy’ feeling going on.

Another Gen1. I have a lot of eggs. And this boy is Shadow/Stonewash/Leaf. Really loving Shadow/X/Leaf dragons. Really loving it. He’s 80kt. 

My Luck’s starting to turn around. Storm/Obsidian/Sky Gen1 gal. She’s 60kt. 

Missed out on my Seafoam/Pink Gen1 the other day? Well, worry no more! I have another Seafoam/Pink Gen1! This gal’s Seafoam/Pink/Caribbean and she’s 100kt. 

Now, this gal is Jade/Jade/Purple, and I will indeed be selling her for 300kt. She’s Gen1. 

Denim/Steel/Emerald! I’m convinced that Crystal is a perfect gene. And This boy is also a Gen1. He’s 80kt. 





Shadow/Emerald/Leaf Gen1 boy. Look at how amazing these colors are together! He’s 80kt. 

Ahhhh. You still have this boy?

Nope. Sorry. He was picked up earlier


Too much effort.