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I now own a yak. It’s cute when it runs. 

The perpetual question: which level did I park my car on?

Graceful Guardians! They’re 90kt each. Exalted in 3 days.


Okay, so I’ve been lazy recently. Incredibly lazy. Here are the babies who I haven’t even exalted yet even though they’re grown. They’re 200kt each. Snag one while you can. They’ll be gone in 1-2 days depending. 


There are more after this. Although this boy is a very spectacular Royal/Leaf/Fire. If no one picks him up he’s staying. He’s also 200kt. 


A lot of smoky tundra happened. They’re 80kt each. Exalted in 2ish days. 


And then there’s this girl. She’s Blue/Leaf/Swamp. She’s 180kt. Exalted in a few days. 

Back to the editing and run on sentences. Now with strangely written sex scenes.