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Please give them a home; I’d hate to exalt them but I also need to clear lair space and certainly need extra treasure - so I’m selling them for dirt cheap! 30,000 treasure for all of them! If you feel like being a cheapskate, then I’m willing to lower it to 20,000 <3 Just message me! Viatrixa #40026 !

Jade rust jungle boy!

Lemon obsidian jungle girl!

Navy silver emerald!

Lvl 25 First Gen for Sale


What do you mean you’re leaving?” Porthos asked with such disbelief he even set down his flagon of ale. “You can’t leave.”

"Of course, he can’t leave. This clan is our charge." Athos snorted and moved to turn away.

"No. It’s your charge. It has never been mine." Aramis sighed gruffly sitting…

Dragon Babs for sale

And one snapper grown up

I am asking for 20k for each

Imp boy

Two SD girlies

Two Mirror boys

And this lovely lady is also for sale

 thebardchild #67489

We keep wiping. I’m so done with this raaaaid. It’s not haaaard. Not enough dps….

And now onto the wonderful Areopagitica. 


Magenta/Magenta/Rose! He’s 120kt. Exalted in 5 days. 

Exalted tomorrow


I don’t know what happened. 90kt. 3 days. 

Exalted tomorrow


Tropical babies! They’re 100kt each! Exalted in 3 days! 

2 days